Caterham’s Croydon Road construction work begins

From Monday 12 February 2024, works to redevelop Croydon Road in Caterham are due to start and will take around eleven months to complete. This will make Croydon Road a safer, more attractive and appealing place to visit, work and enjoy.

Walker Construction has been contracted to carry out this work.

From Monday 12 February, a site compound, in front of the play area in Timber Hill Park, will be created for Walker Construction to use. This means some parking bays on Timber Hill Road will be suspended from 12 February until 20 December 2024.

From Monday 26 February until Monday 9 December 2024, a traffic management plan will be in place on Croydon Road, which includes traffic lights and partial road closures.

What is happening? 

The works being carried out to improve Croydon Road include:

•    Essential surface water repairs.
•    Extending and improving footpaths and installing new paving.
•    Planting more trees and greenery and installing rain gardens, which will help sustainably manage surface water.
•    Amendments to parking and bus bays and installing two electric vehicle charging spaces.
•    Installation of sustainable urban drainage systems under the surface of parking bays and footways.
•    Installation of benches and seating.

At times we will need to temporarily close parts of the pavements. Alternative routes will be set up. Please use these routes for your safety.

Access to the shops on Croydon Road

You will be able to access the wide variety of shops and businesses along Croydon Road. We will try to cause as little disruption as possible, so you can keep supporting the great businesses Caterham has to offer.

Noise disruption

There will be some noise and sometimes the crew will have to work over night to reduce disruption during peak times.

How to stay up to date 

This type of work can sometimes be delayed due to bad weather for example. You can keep updated about any changes by:

Together with our partners, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support and patience.